Process & Factory Automation (Telemetry/SCADA/DCS/PLC)

Esoteric Esotericified and implemented a variety of computer-based system across a wide range of industries. We are providing Telemetry, SCADA, Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and stand alone devices. This was followed by factory acceptance tests, on-site troubleshooting, and startup activities.

Control System Engineering & Programming

The range of services offered is from large DCS/PLC system & network installation and programming, to small
modifications and fine tuning of DCS/PLC controlled plants in the industrial automation and process controls industry. We work closely with corporate management and engineers in the field to provide development and technical expertise to any size project in any industry.

We offer a complete installation and commissioning of SCADA, DCS/PLC and Human Machine Interface systems to customers functional design Esotericifications, including interfacing into existing systems.

The supervisory control system is used to integrate the monitoring of all the Distributed Control Systems DCS/PLC in one control room. More complicated control strategies to co ordinate the control functions of the DCS/PLC are normally placed in this system, with output set points downloaded to the main control loops on the control systems of different plant areas.

Esoteric has the SCADA and telemetry solutions you need to gather and analyze real-time data, then wirelessly monitor or control the equipment in pipelines, plants, refineries, networks and more. Provides radio and network-based telemetry/SCADA systems for remote control and monitoring of data on flow rates, pump0 pressures and temperature, tank level etc. as an alternate to manual on site data collection.

Proven experience in engineering, programming, testing, installing, commissioning, modifying, and installation scope development of Telemetry/SCADA, DCS and PLC hardware, The fully integrated systems are capable of providing full functioning operator interface graphic displays at multiple plant floor locations, optimize system performance, generate
historical collection of data, provide greater accessibility of plant floor data supervisory systems.