Burner Management System

Esoteric Control Panels provide the primary operator interface with combustion systems of varying sizes to meet your Esotericific control needs. We furnish the facilities of Installation, Startup, Commissioning & Testing of Burner Management System (BMS).

For Safe Ignition and Control of Industrial Burners, Esoteric Control Panels can Provide:

  • Standard or custom designs to suit the application and comply with local standards.
  • Analog or digital control circuits with or without PLC options.
  • Flame Safeguard and permissives in compliance with various world wide standards and codes.
  • Approved high temperature limit and temperature controllers.
  • First out annunciation for convenient system status.
  • General purpose, weatherproof enclosures with options for hazardous duty service.
  • Highly visible indication lights and easy-to-operate switches.
  • Combustion air blower motor starters and options for system motors.


Enhanced safety options

  • High Fuel Gas Pressure, Low Fuel Gas Pressure
  • Combustion Air Pressure – (Forced Draft System) Low
  • Combustion air Flow – (Forced Draft System) Low
  • Damper Open – (Natural Draft System)
  • Process temperature High Heater/BMS Stack Temperature
  • Remote Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  • Heating Medium Flow Switch Low

Digital system with LED display and membrane keypad
Accurate temperature sensing utilizing an RTD
Remote observation of temperature through a 4-20mA output signal
Remote On, Off, and Alarm Out capabilities
Optional venting gas bypass
Optional loss of fuel gas bypass
Optional low fluid level bypass
Optional high temperature safety shutdown