Pipe Line Automation

Pipeline Automation Systems Design

In present circumstances pipeline operators are encountering unprecedented challenges to improve efficiency and to maintain profitability keeping in mind tough environmental and safety regulations, increasing complexity in operations and more demanding delivery schedules.

Pipeline systems are growing in both size and complexity, driven by business requirements consolidating pipelines under fewer and fewer entities and with more interconnections between systems. At the same time, environmental concerns and safety issues require more sophisticated monitoring and control.

Esoteric provides pipeline automation solution to fulfill requirements of our customers. Our totally reliable pipeline automation solution ensure the safe and fully controlled transport and distribution of hazardous petrochemical over a long range distance pipeline and allows flexibility of operation.



  • Advanced Network Diagnostics
  • Communications Statistics
  • Pipeline Simulation
  • Pump Sequencing
  • Remote Meter Proving
  • Operational and Historical Archiving
  • Leak Detection (Line Balance)
  • Inexpensive Gross Tank Gauging
  • Overspill Avoidance
  • Sampling
  • Maintenance Note Pad
  • Incoming/Outgoing (Flying) Switches
  • Automatic Notification