Power & Control Panels

At SPEC , we perfectly match the requirements of the client through our products. Our products are of standard quality, as per relevant IEC standards, providing ease of operation & maintenance to the ultimate user. Quality is the essence of our products & with Quality Management System in place, the client satisfaction is guaranteed. Our product range comprises of Electrical Control Panels of all types such as PCCs, MCCs, Synchronization Panels, Power Distribution Boards, UPS Control Panels, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels, Process Control Panels, Flood Lighting Pole, Cable Tray & Earthing System.

Motor Control Centre (MCC)

We are trusted name in manufacturing motor control centers which are provided with complete modular construction. These have standardized verticals & feeder sizes with bolted partition trays & mounting plates. It provides ease of maintenance & replacement and the SMC supports for bus bar system. The bus bar system is designed to withstand short circuit forces.

Following are the essentials of our product:

  • Standard designs MCC, with special attention so as to ease installation & maintenance.
  • Standard tooling for punching on doors, bus bars Set-up of hydraulic machines such as NC shear, press
    brakes, presses, bus bar bender & tooling, resulting in repeat accuracy & interchangeability.
  • Pretreatment & powder coating set-up ensuring best surface finish & corrosion resistance.
  • CAD design department for detailed design of bus bar system & component layout.
  • Customer feedbacks incorporated in future designs making the panel more user friendly.
  • Panels conforming to relevant IEC standards.
  • HT bolts for ACB terminals Partitions in control& power bus chambers.
  • Proper space design for cabling & terminations.
  • Guide Studs for bolted covers.
  • Tagging for component identification.

Synchronization System

The Synchronizing panel will operate on an automatic mains failure system, so that when the main supply is interrupted on one or all phases (after an adjustable delay period) the generator sets will start-up together. After an initial warm-up period (adjustable) the generators will synchronize with each other by means of motorized circuit breakers or
contactors onto a common bus bar. Next, the motorized change-over switch will be closed and the load connected to the main distribution box. The load share units continuously monitor the load and during low demand periods one or two generators will be shut down to save on fuel consumption. As demand rises again the second and third generators will
be restarted, synchronized and reconnected to load. When the AMF control unit detects that the main supply has been restored an adjustable observation period is activated before the main supply is reconnected. A cool down period will then follow, after which the generator sets will be shut down.


  • Microprocessor based Auto-Synchronizer.
  • One Synchronizing unit controls multiple systems with no. of different sets of breaker closing parameters.
  • Suitable for Diesel generator units, gas generator and main power supply.
  • Synchronizer unit suitable for automatic control of the generators.
  • Both Manual and Auto Synchronizing feature.
  • High accuracy Analogue / Digital meters.
  • Digital frequency meters and volt-meters provide both generator and bus measurements.