Power Plant Automation

Boiler Automation Systems

The SPEC's Boiler Automation System for unit/multiple burner boilers offers a field-proven control system for safe operation. The System has standardized human interface system and automatic control logic for: Boiler purge, Header control, Ignitor control, Main fuel control and Master fuel trip.

  • Fire Protection
    • Flame Analysis Unit
    • Flame Scanner

  • Boiler Control
  • Combustion Management
    • Coal Flow Monitoring & Control
    • Ignitor Monitoring & Control
    • Flame Detection & Analysis

Environmental Systems

  • Analytical Instruments
    • Aluminium Analyzers
    • Chloride Monitors
    • Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Products
    • H2 Purity & Purge Gas Monitors
    • Iron Analyzers
    • Packaged Analyzer Systems
    • Phosphate Monitors
    • Silica Monitors
    • Turbidity Systems
    • Combustion Gas Analyzers
    • Dissolved Organics Monitors
    • Fluoride Monitors
    • Hydrazine Monitors
    • Nitrate Monitors
    • pH & Redox / ORP Products
    • Residual Chlorine Monitors
    • Sodium Monitors
    • Water Hardness Monitors

Process Instrumentation

  • Sensors and Transmitters
    • Analytical Instruments
    • Ammonia, Chloride, Conductivity, pH, Water, zirconia and more
    • Flow Measurement Products
    • Temperature Measurement Products
    • Service
    • Maintenance, repair, upgrades, calibration, spare parts & consumables and more...
    • Device Management and Fieldbus
    • Process Analytics
    • Cont. gas analyzers, FTIR/NIR spectrometers, gas chromatographs, Photometers.
    • Pressure Measurement Products
    • Actuators and Positioners
    • Recorders and Controllers
  • Valves Actuators Systems
    • Actuators & Positioners
    • Electric Actuator
    • Electro Hydraulic Converter

Rotating Machinery Systems

  • Electro Hydraulic Applications
  • Vibration Monitoring Applications

We are able to make plants fit for frequency stabilization, peak-load management, and spot-marketing by Optimizing hydraulic turbine components, actuators, turbine control and unit control concepts. The following protection & control schemes are available:

    • Gas Turbine Control
    • Steam Turbine Control
    • Over speed Protection
    • Over speed Trip
    • Trip Anticipation
    • Load Drop Anticipation
    • 3 types of Power Load Unbalance
    • Auto Synchronization
    • Frequency Counter Slave
    • Condition Monitoring Module
    • Event Marker Amplifier
    • Hydraulic Servo Module
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Turbine Auto Sync Module
    • The Rotor Stress Program
    • Valve Positioner

Unit Control Systems

Unit control systems have the task of coordination for turbine and boiler as effectively as possible. The SPEC's Modern Control Solutions provide an excellent foundation for implementing new high-performance unit control systems. They are based on the modern closed-loop control theory, the flexible system capabilities of modern hardware and software and the many years SPEC's extensive experience in Industrial Process automation.

Water Steam Cycle

Feedwater monitoring and control solution for power plant boiler control are specifically designed to ensure a safe and reliable operation of your feedwater systems